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Welcome to our gallery for our World War II product range.   Shown below are various photos of our products used either in displays or to make dioramas.   If you have a display or diorama of our 54mm products and would like to submit it for inclusion on our website, please feel free to email us!
Click on the images below for an enlarged version. 
Another set of images from Rodrigo of  Hand Made History .  This is a part of a larger dio and more photos will be added over the coming months.  These ones really capture the feel of the fighting of the Barrikady workhalls.
German Pioneers (GERSTAL009) set explosive charges while being covered by Heer Infantry as Russians move in.
GERSTAL009 Pioneers Setting Explosives
GERSTAL009 Pioneer Running detonation cable
Russians moving up to counterattack through the shattered workhall
Russians on the counterattack.  This image just screams Stalingrad!
An overview of the factory interior. 
The following dioramas were made by our good friend Rodrigo from Hand Made History for us and our customers.  Simply fantastic work! 
German Infantry Stalingrad
GERSTAL009 Combat Pioneer Demolitions Team
Stalingrad Russian Infantry
Russian Infantry counterattack in the Barrikady
Germans from Sturmcompanie 44 approach the Assembly Hall in the Barrikady
German Troops provide cover to the Pioneers approaching the Apotheke to set their charges
Russians emerge from the rear of the Assembly Hall past the ruined rail cars
The Russians press home their attack keeping the Germans under constant pressure
Elements Sturmcompanie 44 wait for the attack signal at their jumping off point
A solitary German soldier takes aim in the ruins of the Barrikady
German Pioneers from 1/305 prepare to "create a new door" into the Commissar's House
German Pioneers prepare for the assault at Dawn
Russians emerge from their fortifications to drive off the Pioneers
A Russian NCO signals his troops to come up in support
Just for fun....
If you came across this image on a website while browsing
actual photos of WWII, would you know the difference??
Actual WWII Photograph?
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