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The BIG SALE has now raged on for nearly two and half years now.   Alas, all good things must eventually come to an end and pursuant to that, we continue to end the sale for various groups  of figures.    The First Legion BIG SALE represents one of the most amazing values to ever be available to figure collectors - best in class figures available at the lowest prices in the market.    So if you want any of the figures in the list act now before the your favorites are no longer part of the sale or are sold out.  

The next update for figures in the big sale ending will be announced in January 2023.   

1. All figures are fully warranted EXCEPT where otherwise noted.   
2. No price adjustments, refunds, or exchanges of previous purchases.
3. Replacements of sale figures that require it will only be sent with your NEXT order.   

FL NA Exclusives
Big Sale First Legion North American Direct Sale Exclusives!
75mm Painted Figures
The Big Sale 75mm Painted Figures!
Acre City Walls
The BIG SALE Acre City Walls!
American Civil War
The Big Sale American Civil War!
American Revolution
The Big Sale American Revolution!
Ancient Greece
The Big Sale World of the Greeks!
Anglo-Zulu War
The Big Sale Anglo-Zulu War!
The Big Sale Crusades!
Medieval Wars
The Big Sale Agincourt!
Metal and Resin Figure Kits
The Big Sale Unpainted Metal and Resin Kits!
Napoleon's Europe
The Big Sale Napoleon's Europe!
The Big Sale Renaissance!
The Big Sale Age of the Samurai!
Seven Years War
The Big Sale Seven Years War!
World War I
The Big Sale WWI: The Great War!
World War II
The Big Sale World War II!
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