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Yes, you read that right, we are indeed holding an extremely limited time one-off sale of a staggering number of products. Given the current world situation with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our ability to produce new figures has been impacted and there will be some significant delays to getting new products to market.   Rest assured, new products are being worked on, but given travel restrictions we simply have no way to conduct inspections and quality control and we cannot know when this situation will be resolved.   So during this time we have decided to thank our loyal customers with a one-off sale of over 800 different products with discounts ranging from 25-70%! We want there to be something for everyone, so we have discounted products in almost every figure series that we make, so if there is a series that you have always wanted to get into, now is a great time to get started. If you have never collected First Legion, this is a wonderful opportunity to start and see firsthand the quality of our figures at amazing prices. It has been eloquently expressed to us that we don't sell figures, we sell "escapism."   So during this difficult time, with nearly everyone spending long periods of time indoors, we want to offer the escapism that is the wonerful world of toy soldier collecting at a fraction of the normal cost.  The sale will run for a limited time after which pricing will return to normal for whatever inventory remains. This will literally be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get First Legion figures at a fraction of their normal prices!   

The BIG SALE has been extended until into 2021 and we will be phasing out items on sale slowly over time.    The next items to be phased out on April 30th 2021 9PM PST are.....

LWG001 Winter King Tiger

NOR090 German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

BB034 Battle of the Bulge Panzer IV

AG044-055 Persian Warriors

GERSTAL050-054, GERSTAL057  Stalingrad Germans

The Big SALE Excel Product Listing

File Updated May 29th 2020 with Expansion!

1. All figures are fully warranted EXCEPT where otherwise noted.   
2. No price adjustments, refunds, or exchanges of previous purchases.
3. Replacements of sale figures that require it will only be sent with your NEXT order.   

FL NA Exclusives
Big Sale First Legion North American Direct Sale Exclusives!
75mm Painted Figures
The Big Sale 75mm Painted Figures!
Acre City Walls
The BIG SALE Acre City Walls!
American Civil War
The Big Sale American Civil War!
American Revolution
The Big Sale American Revolution!
Ancient Greece
The Big Sale World of the Greeks!
Anglo-Zulu War
The Big Sale Anglo-Zulu War!
The Big Sale Crusades!
Franco Prussian War
The Big Sale Franco Prussian War!
Glory of Rome
The Big Sale Glory of Rome!
Medieval Wars
The Big Sale Agincourt!
Metal and Resin Figure Kits
The Big Sale Unpainted Metal and Resin Kits!
Napoleon's Europe
The Big Sale Napoleon's Europe!
The Big Sale Renaissance!
The Big Sale Age of the Samurai!
Seven Years War
The Big Sale Seven Years War!
The Big Sale Vietnam War!
Wild West
The Big Sale Wild West!
Winged Hussars
The Big Sale Polish Winged Hussars - First Legion North American Exclusive!
World War I
The Big Sale WWI: The Great War!
World War II
The Big Sale World War II!
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