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First Legion is pleased to present you with the Imperial Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars.   Though the British were most consistently at war with the French during the Napoleonic Era, it was the Russians who fought them on the battlefield again and again throughout the the period and who dealt Napoleon his bloodiest days and most dogged resistance including the catastrophic 1812 campaign which was the direct cause of the collapse of Napoleon's Empire.   They took part in the campaigns in 1805, 1806, 1807, 1812, 1813, and 1814 and, in dogged and stoic defense which they were renowned for, handed Napoleon his first reverse at Eylau.  Further, they were the only European continental power not to be subjugated by the French.  Though the focus of our range is the Battle of Borodino in 1812, our Napoleonic Russians are suitable for the period 1812-1814 and can thus be used for any number of the many battles during that period, from the 1812 campaign in Russia, to the 1813 campaign in Saxony, to the 1814 campaign in France.  We are giving the Russian Army incredibly detailed coverage and it will be one of our most thoroughly reproduced nationalities of the Napoleonic Wars.   We have currently released NAP0099 Kutuzov and the Russian Imperial Staff along with NAP0122-NAP0133 Russian Hussars and now are pleased to present you with NAP0171-NAP0173 Russian Foot Artillery!!  Russian Infantry will be following shortly!
Russian Hussars form up behind Kutuzov and the Imperial Staff at Borodino
Russian Hussars
60mm Imperial Russian Hussars of the Napoleonic Wars
Russian Firing Line
60mm Napoleonic Russian Firing Line - Jaegers, Pavlovski, and Tauride Grenadiers
Vladimirksy Musketeers
60mm Russian Vladimirsky Musketeers - The Retreat from Russia
Russian Cossacks
60mm Russian Don Cossacks
60mm Libavsky Musketeers
60mm Napoleonic Russian Libavsky Musketeers - Mass Battle Series
Russian Pavlovksi Grenadiers
60mm Russian Pavlovski Grenadiers
Tauride Grenadiers
60mm Imperial Russian Tauride Grenadier Regiment of the Napoleonic Wars
Russian Uhlans
60mm Imperial Russian Litovsky Uhlan Regiment
Russian Personalities
60mm Imperial Russian Personalities of the Napoleonic Wars
Holy Virgin of Smolenks Vignette
60mm Imperial Russian Holy Virgin of Smolensk Vignette Sets
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