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French Line Infantry

First Legion presents you with the French Grande Armee, 1807-1813.   The French soldiers made war all over the continent of Europe against all major powers of the age.   Listed 38 different figures covering the French line infantry at the Battle of Borodino with the 61st, "Terrible" 57th, and 85th line being represented.   Specifically designed to be displayed in large, close order units, your First Legion French Line infantry will look and feel like their historic counterparts.   Though designed to represent these specific regiments at the Battle of Borodino, these figures will work very well in any Napoleonic display, particularly those in the 1807-1813 period on which their uniforms are modeled.
Please check out our workbench to keep up to date with these and other releases as well as our gallery to see more photos of these beautiful toy soldiers.  Supplies are limited, so be sure to order yours today!
60mm French Line Infantry 1807-1813 - Click to Enlarge
These figures are being retired and will not be restocked, so order now while supplies last!
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NAP0058 French Line Infantry Grenadier Advancing Campaign Dress
Price: $39.95
NAP0058 French Line Infantry Grenadier Advancing Campaign Dress
61st French Line Infantry Grenadier Advancing in Campaign Dress and Leveled Musket
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