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France - La Grande Armee

First Legion presents you with the French Grande Armee, 1807-1815.   The French soldiers made war all over the continent of Europe against all major powers of the age.   Our ever expanding coverage of the French Grande Armee has Cuirassiers, Carabiniers, Old Guard Chasseurs and Grenadiers, and several of the famous personalities of the era.  No French army would be complete without the line infantry, so not only have we covered the 61st Line and "terrible" 57th Line with nearly 40 different figures, but we're about to double that with the addition of the 18th Line regiment, known as "the brave" and one of the most elite of all of the French infantry regiments.  Our coverage of the French Army of the Napoleonic Wars is second to none not only  in depth, but in quality as well. 
Please check out our workbench to keep up to date with these and other releases as well as our gallery to see more photos of these beautiful toy soldiers.  Supplies are limited, so be sure to order yours today!
Imperial Guard Dutch Grenadiers
60mm Imperial Guard Dutch Grenadiers
Old Guard Dutch Grenadier Band
60mm Old Guard Dutch Grenadiers Tete de Colonne
Swiss 4th Line Infantry
60mm Swiss Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars
The Retreat
60mm Grande Armee Retreat from Russia
French Guard Chasseurs
60mm French Guard Chasseurs a' Cheval
60mm French 45th Line Infantry
60mm French 45th Line Infantry Regiment in Bardin Coats and Campaign Dress - Waterloo 1815
Scenes & Vignettes
60mm French Scenes & Vignettes of the Napoleonic Wars
French 1st Light Infantry
60mm French 1st Light Infantry Regiment of the Napoleonic Wars - FIRST LEGION NORTH AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE
2nd Dutch Guard Lancers
60mm 2nd Dutch "Red" Lancers of the Imperial Guard
French 18th Line Infantry Regiment
60mm French 18th Line Infantry Regiment "The Brave" of the Napoleonic Wars
French Artillery
60mm French Line and Guard Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars
French Carabiniers Cavalry
60mm French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars
French Cuirassiers
60mm French Cuirassiers Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars
French Line Infantry
60mm French Line Infantry Fusiliers, Elites, and Command of the Napoleonic Wars
French Marshals and Personalities
60mm French Marshals, Personalities, and Officers of the Napoleonic Wars
French Old Guard Grenadiers
60mm French Imperial Guard Grenadiers of the Napoleonic Wars
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