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DAK021 DAK German SdKfz 7 8 Ton Prime Mover - 21st Panzer Division

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DAK021 - Das Deutsche Afrika Korps 1/30th Scale SdKfz 7 8 Ton Prime Mover
21st Panzer Division
First Legion is pleased to present the latest vehicle for our DAK figure range, the iconic SdKfz 7 8 Ton Prime Mover! This incredibly detailed vehicle is has been a long time coming as we had always meant to produce it to tow our sFH 18 150mm Howitzer.    When we created that gun in 2011 for Stalingrad (and now it's here for DAK as well), we purposely designed it so that the gun trails opened and closed and we provided the complete limber setup to go with it because we knew down the road we would provide this superb towing vehicle.   So limber up and get those guns on the move!   This extremely detailed and accurate model has a wide variety of configuration options making it perfect for displays either on the move or stationary and it comes with a wonderfully painted driver figure as well as options for both a retracted roof or fully closed roof display.  When displayed stationary, sets DAK019 and DAK020 are wonderful complements to it as they can be standing around the model getting ready to move out or looking in the rear compartments which fully open and close on both sides of the model.   Further, we have created a new Vehicle Stowage set GERSTAL048 that has been designed to fit perfectly into the rear metal racks of this model (though it can of course be used with other vehicles as well, particularly the Opel Blitz).  Finally, sets DAK013 and DAK014 Seated Passengers fit perfectly in the back as shown.  With all six figures placed inside, it certainly looks the part!   With the roof options, the opening and closing storage compartments on both sides, the spare rifles in the passenger compartment rifle racks, and a wonderfully painted driver, this vehicle is certainly our finest effort to date.  With so many fantastic display options, this vehicle will make a wonderful addition to any serious WWII toy soldier collection! 

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Can be displayed with or without canvas roof cover and has rear side opening compartments on both sides - Click to Enlarge

The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc...) and has the following features:

- Roof closed or open configuration
- Opening and Closing rear storage compartments on both sides
- 3 Rifles in the rear rifle racks
- Superbly Sculpted and Painted Driver (non removeable)
- Extremely realistic weathering and superb sculpting and painting
- Includes towing pin to tow the DAK018 sFH 18 150mm Howitzer

Shown here with GERSTAL048 Stowage Accessories in the back (not included) - Click to Enlarge

With 7 extra passengers and added stowage (neither included), this beast fully looks the part of a warhorse of the WWII German Army!

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60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the World War II product range.

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