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NOR092 German Panther Ausf G Early w/Zimmerit - 4 Co, 24 Panzer Rgt 116 Panzer Division "Windhund"

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Price: $399.95
Product Code: NOR092
NOR092 German Panther Ausf G Early w/Zimmerit - 4 Co, 24 Panzer Rgt 116 Panzer Division "Windhund"

First Legion is extremely pleased to present the next vehicle in our Battle of Normandy series, NOR092 German Panther Ausf G Early w/Zimmerit - 4rd Co, 24th Pz Regt, 116th Panzer Division "Windhund". The Panther tank was certainly one of the finest tanks of the war.   While considered a medium tank, its weight was more in line with many of the “heavy” tanks of the war.    The Panther’s sloping armor gave it very effective frontal defense and its 75mm main gun had more penetrating power than the Tiger Tanks 88mm gun due to extremely high muzzle velocity.     Along with the Tiger tank, the Panther is certainly one of the most iconic tank of the Second World War.       Our Normandy variant has features such as Zimmerit, Side Skirts, no crew compartment heater, the earlier exhaust pipes, etc.   that make it an accurate model for June 1944.   Please note that the tracks on the turret and the side skirts are removable further increasing display options.   Further, those with an eye for detail will note that the tank carries the markings of the 24th Panzer Division  ("Leaping Horseman").   This is due to the Panzer Regiment being hastily transferred in response to the Normandy invasion and not having a chance to change the divisional markings.  This is an incredible model produced in very limited numbers and is a great addition to our Battle of Normandy figures series!   

The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc...) and has the following features:
-  Fully rotating Turret
- Gun Barrel Raises/Lowers
- Opening and Closing Front Hatches and Commanders Hatch
- Antenna
- Zimmerit
- Removable Side Skirts
- Removable Spare Tracks (4)
- Removable Jerry Cans (2)
- Extremely realistic weathering and superb sculpting and painting 

60mm Hand Produced Vehicles for collectors from the World War II product range.

First Legion Toy Soldiers are hand painted collectibles that contain various metals including lead and are therefore not suitable for children. Further, as each figure is hand painted, slight variations may exist between the figure shown in the photo and the actual figure received.
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