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FLWOT02 IS-7 Granite Standard (Metallic) Edition - 1/32nd Scale

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1/32nd Scale IS-7 Granite Standard Edition


World of Tanks IS-7 GRANITE

Historically, the IS-7 was a late WWII 1945 Soviet heavy tank prototype known as Object 260.  The “Granite” style for the IS-7 comes from an alternate timeline where the powerful Soviet heavy entered mass production and 10 to 15 years later (in late 1950s or early 1960s) was upgraded for large-scale operations involving the use of nuclear weapons. The IS-7 was outfitted with an infrared projector and an integrated optics unit. The tank is equipped with a headlight and a system of spotlights.

This IS-7 is ready to drive all the way to the Atlantic and the Pyrenees, with spare tracks and an un-ditching log attached to its aft. When a bridge is totally destroyed there is a snorkel for underwater movement, folded and attached to the back of the turret. Just above the log, there are canisters filled with a decontamination agent to be applied after crossing an irradiated zone.

To fend off helicopters and attack aircraft, a ZPU-2 coupled AA gun was mounted on the turret. The additional equipment also includes 902 Tucha smoke grenade launchers, metal containers with spare machine gun ammo and a wooden crate with extra bullets under a Soviet SSh-60 helmet. There’s anti-radiation padding and the R-113 radio unit antenna on top of the turret. The tracks are partially covered with screens. 


This incredibly detailed model was made to be as close of a replica of the in game IS-7 Granite as possible.   It is made from mixed media, primarily diecast metal, injection molded plastic, steel, aluminum, photo etched steel, copper, and additional materials.  It is fully hand painted to a metallic finish giving it the look of a statue, despite it's many moveable parts.  

This incredibly detailed model contains over 189 separate parts and 43 screws all hand assembled. 


  • Fully Rotating Turret
  • Gun Barrel can be raised/lowered
  • Opening/Closing hatches
  • Moveable Tracks
  • AA Gun
  • Smoke Dispensers
  • Tow Cables
  • Antenna
  • Realistic Battle Damage
  • World of Tanks In Game Bonus Content (see below)
  • High Quality Magnet Closed Collectors Box
  • Collectors Leaflet (English/Russian)


  • Boxed Weight 1.73 KG
  • Scale 1/32nd
  • Model Size:  358mm x 118mm x 119mm (H)

Exclusive in Game Bonus Content for Game Regions EU/CIS/NA/APAC

  • 14 Day WOT Premium Account
  • Training Manual (USSR)
  • 10 Personal Reserves:  +100 XP for 2 Hours
  • 10 Personal Reserves:  +100% Free XP for 2 Hours
  • 10 Missions:  x5 XP Per Victory
  • Anniversary 2d Style

Standard Edition Collectors Box




First Legion Toy Soldiers are hand painted collectibles that contain various metals including lead and are therefore not suitable for children. Further, as each figure is hand painted, slight variations may exist between the figure shown in the photo and the actual figure received.
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