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BB070 US Winter M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer

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Product Code: BB070
BB070 1/30th US Winter M10 Tank Destroyer - 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Company B - December 1944

During the Battle of the Bulge, the US M10 Tank Destroyer played a crucial role in countering the German offensive in the Ardennes. Deployed by both American and British forces, the M10 was equipped with a potent 3-inch gun capable of penetrating the armor of the formidable German tanks. Despite its open-topped design, which made it vulnerable to artillery and infantry attacks, the M10 showcased agility and firepower, proving instrumental in halting the German advance. Its speed and maneuverability allowed it to swiftly reposition and engage German tanks effectively. While the M10 had some limitations, such as insufficient armor protection, its strategic deployment and effective use of firepower contributed significantly to the Allied success in repelling the German offensive during this critical World War II battle.

The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc...) and has the following features:
- Fully Rotating Turret
- Gun Raises/Lowers
- Extremely realistic weathering and superb sculpting and painting 
- 2 Full Bodied Crew Figures Sold Separately
60mm Hand Produced Vehicles for collectors from the World War II product range.

First Legion Toy Soldiers are hand painted collectibles that contain various metals including lead and are therefore not suitable for children. Further, as each figure is hand painted, slight variations may exist between the figure shown in the photo and the actual figure received.
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