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60mm Ancient Greece

First Legion is very pleased to announce our latest figure range, the World of the Greeks!!!  Following in the footsteps of the runaway success of our Glory of Rome range we are turning our talents to another range from the Ancient World, specifically Ancient Greece.   Our initial launch covers Greek Hoplites, but the range will expand to Macedonian Phalanxes, Companion Cavalry, and enemies of Greece such as Darius and the mighty Persian Empire to name but a few.  First Legion will bring to life one of the most fascinating periods of human and military history and with the sculpting and painting quality you've come to expect from us, this range will surely be unmatched in both quality and depth.  So prepare the fields at Marathon and Gaugamela because the Greeks are here!!!  We sincerely hope you enjoy them!

60mm Greek Hoplites - Click to Enlarge
2017 Greek Hoplites
60mm Greek Hoplites
Greek Hoplites
60mm Ancient Greek Hoplites
Alexander & Companion Cavalry
60mm Alexander the Great and Macedonian Companion Cavalry
Macedonian Phalanx
60mm Macedonian Phalanx
60mm Persian Empire
60mm Ancient Persian Empire
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