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60mm World War II

First Legion is pleased to present you with our latest figure range, World War II, The Arms and Armies of WWII 1939-1945!!!   As the byline suggests, we intend on providing exhaustive coverage of the Second World War in much the same way that we are doing with our Napoleon's Europe product range for the armies of the Napoleonic Wars.   This includes not only figures, which we are already well known for creating figures unsurpassed in quality for our price level, but we are also going to apply our talents to vehicles, guns, support weapons, and buildings to allow our customers to create entire displays using only our products.  We are extremely proud of this product range and we hope you too will enjoy it as we expand it tremendously over the years to come.  
An SdKfz 232 and Infantry Train in France Prior to Committment to Stalingrad - Click to Enlarge
World of Tanks
World of Tanks Licensed Collectible Models
New Releases/Pre-Orders
New Releases and Pre-Orders all of our World War II Product Ranges
3rd Battle of Kharkov
60mm WWII Germans and Russians for the 3rd Battle of Kharkov, March 1943
60mm Battle of the Bulge
60mm Battle of the Bulge Military Miniatures
Late War Germans
60mm Late War Germans
Normandy German Heer Infantry
60mm German Heer Infantry at the Battle of Normandy
US 4th Infantry Div
60mm United States 4th Infantry Division - Normandy 1944
Normandy US Paratroopers
60mm United States 101st Airborne - Normandy 1944
WWII German Waffen SS
60mm WWII German Waffen-SS - Normandy 1944
British Airborne
60mm British 6th Airborne Division - Normandy 1944
German Paratroopers
60mm WWII German Fallschirmjagers - Normandy 1944
British 8th Army
60mm WWII - British 8th Army Africa 1941-1943
Das Deutsche Afrika Korps
60mm World War II - Das Deutsche Afrika Korps 1941-1943
Stalingrad Germans
60mm German 6th Army at the Battle of Stalingrad
Stalingrad Russians
60mm Soviet Union Army at the Battle of Stalingrad
WWII German AFVs and Vehicles
1/30th Scale German Vehicles and AFV's and Complementing Figures - ALL SUB RANGES
WWII USA Vehicles
1/30th Scale USA WWII Vehicles
WWII Russian Vehicles & AFVs
1/30th Scale Russian Vehicles and AFV's at the Battle of Stalingrad
WWII Tank Crews
60mm Tank Crew Single Figures of the Second World War
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