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60mm Glory of Rome

First Legion is pleased to announce our latest 1/30 scale figure range, The Glory of Rome!!! The Romans dominated the ancient world for a period of at least 700 years, first via the Roman Republic and later under the rule of the Emperors. This fascinating period of history lends itself extremely well to being faithfully recreated in miniature and we are turning our full talents and efforts to bring the Glory that was Ancient Rome to life. Though, as with all of our ranges, we intend to cover the period completely and in great detail, our initial foray will be Imperial Romans and their Ancient German adversaries doing battle in the 1st and 2nd century AD. Of course, the figures can be used for a much wider variety of military conflicts against various enemies such as the Dacians, Parthians, Gauls, Celts, etc. from the 1st Century AD up to the period of the Late Roman Empire. What this means is detailed coverage of not only the Imperial Romans, but their Germanic and other enemies as well, fully brought to life with the world class sculpting and painting that has become our hallmark. So prepare yourselves for the Roman Empire to rise once more in spectacularly produced miniature!

Late Roman Empire
60mm Romans from the Late Roman Empire
60mm Gladiators from the Glory of Rome Series
60mm Dacians
60mm Dacian Warriors
60mm Imperial Roman Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix
60mm Imperial Roman Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix
Roman Siege Engines
60mm Roman Heavy Weapons and Siege Engines
"Fighting" Praetorians
60mm Roman Praetorian Guard "Fighting"
Ancient Germans
60mm Ancient German Warriors
60mm Auxiliary Archers
60mm Eastern Auxiliary Archers
Caesarian Romans
60mm Caesarian Roman Legionaries
60mm Gallic Warriors
60mm Gallic Warriors
Imperial Roman Cavalry
60mm Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry - Ala II Flavia
Roman Testudo
Imperial Roman Testudo
Imperial Romans
60mm Early Imperial Roman Toy Soldiers
60mm Roman Camp Life
60mm Roman Camp Life
Roman Mounted Personalities
60mm Famous Roman Mounted Personality Figures
Roman Praetorian Guard
60mm Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard
Roman Civilians
60mm Roman Civilians & Politicians
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