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40mm Napoleonic Wars

First Legion is please to bring you the first of our 40mm product ranges, the Napoleonic Wars. These are unpainted metal kits for wargamers and collectors.  Our initial releases, the French Grande Armee of 1806-1813 and the Imperial Russians of 1812-1815 are inspired by the Battle of Borodino and will allow YOU to recreate the titanic struggles between these two empires during Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 and the War of German Liberation in 1813. The range is initially planned to cover nearly every battle and campaign between 1809 and 1815 and subsequent releases will include Austrians, Prussians, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, the Confederation of the Rhine, and much, much more. Please check our workbench to keep up to date with planned releases for our 40mm Napoleonic Wars product range.
Please note that all packs contain 4 foot figures, 2 mounted figures, or a single field piece unless otherwise noted.  Also note that our figures come pre-cleaned of flash and mold lines!
40mm French Napoleonics
40mm French Napoleonic Wars figures for wargamers and collectors
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