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Now that the figures are out to hundreds of our Kickstarter backers, here is what just a few of them had to say about these figures!

"I know I just commented yesterday but I had to come back to say these miniatures are quite exceptional. I've now assembled them and the character and detail in the sculpts is excellent. I ordered the orcs (warriors and villagers) and they are the best I've ever seen - each one has so much character and personality!"

"Hello, just received mine yesterday (Belgium). I want to thanks First legion team, I had never spent so much money for miniatures at once as during this campaign but I have absolutely no regrets, all the 73 miniatures are great, nice details, good scaling,... just amazing !"

"My favorite set is probably the orc set villagers as they are fun, amazing and totally new in comparison with availability on market."

"Just received mine and have to agree the quality of the castings is fantastic"

"Received mine today (Netherlands). The quality is great from what I've seen so far. I love all of them, but the orc villagers the most :D"

Extremely High Quality Resin Castings  
Our fantasy figures are superlatively sculpted and produced in extremely high quality casting resin (similar in properties to PVC plastic but with superior detail). We understand that many folks are a bit leery of purchasing figures of only images of 3d Models, but until we can get samples of all figures fully painted in some cases that is all we have to show.  . 

‚Äč1.  Extremely high quality casting resin with properties similr Vacuum cast with high quality silicon molds.
2.  NOT spin cast, which is cheaper and much faster for production, but lower quality result.
3.  Paint ready when you receive them, NONE of the oily release agents that can be found on poorly produced resin figures

The figures are Heroic Scale 28mm being on the larger end of what is considered 28mm.  They would be more accurately described as 32mm for humans.   Goblins, Orcs, etc.  are purposely done in a size and style of our own with the Orcs in particular being large brutish fellows at about 38mm tall to the top of the heads.  Our figures are compatible in size with figures from companies such as Games Workshop and Reaper to name just  few.  

Please note that each catalog image shows the size of the figure.  This measurement is made from the bottom of the base to the highest point of the sculpture (so if a sword is raised - to the very highest point of the sword!).

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