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28mm Fantasy Figures *NEW*

A wonderfully innovative high fantasy series of incredibly sculpted and beautifully resin cast 28mm fantasy miniatures.

Please note that in the images where it shows the black outlline figure size, it's from the bottom of the base to the very highest point of the sculpture, not the top of the head!

General Information about the Series
Character Models
Heroic Scale 28mm Heroes and Character Models
Heroic Scale 28mmm Dwarves of the Kingdom
Heroic Scale 28mm Elves
Femmes Fatales
Heroic Scale 28mm Femmes Fatales
Heroic Scale 28mm Goblins
Ogres, Trolls, Giants, Dragons
Heroic Scale 28mm Ogres, Giants, Trolls, and Dragons
Orcs and Orc Camps
Heroic Scale 28mm Orcs, Orc Villagers and Camps, and Kobold Slaves
Skeletons & Undead
Heroic Scale 28mm Skeleton Army, Wights, Wraiths, Mummys, and Other Undead
Vampires, Werewolves, Minotaurs
Heroic Scale 28mm Vampires, Werewolves, and Minotaurs
Villagers & Accessories
Heroic Scale 28mm Villagers and Village Accessories
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