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Wurttemberg Jaegers

First Legion presents you with the Wurttemberg Army of the Napoleonic Wars.   Part of the Confederation of the Rhine, the Wurttemberg Troops fought valiantly as part of France's Grande Armee.   Our initial release, the Wurttemberg Jaegers along with Marshal Murat, depicts the morning battle in the Fleches at Borodino when Murat was nearly captured in a Russian counterattack.  He called upon the Wurttemberg Jaegers to "fire" (though, his German wasn't very good and in fact he called upon them to "sh_t!" rather than "shoot" providing a moment of levity in an otherwise dire situation) and they saved the dashing Marshal from certain death or capture.    
Please check out our workbench to keep up to date with these and other releases as well as our gallery to see more photos of these beautiful toy soldiers.  Supplies are limited, so be sure to order yours today!
The Wurttemberg Jaegers defend Murat and their fallen leader
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NAP0062 Wurttemberg Jaeger Wounded Officer
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NAP0062 Wurttemberg Jaeger Wounded Officer
60mm Wurttemberg Jaeger Wounded Officer - Borodino 1812
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