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Russian Artillery

First Legion is pleased to present you with the Imperial Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars.   Presented in this section of our catalog are the glorious Russian Artillery.   The Russian Army was probably the only army that consistently outnumbered the French in terms of the number and caliber of artillery pieces that they put into the field during battle.  At Borodino, the Russian Army fielded over 600 guns of various calibers!  Our first release will bring you two such guns, the 12lb Field Piece and the 20lb Licorne (Howitzer) allowing you to raise a full 12lb battery if you are so inclined.  We've released TER003 Artillery Redoubt for Borodino and now we bring you the Artillery sets to fill it.   So have your Russians man the Fleches at Borodino!
NAP0171b Russian 20lb Licorne and Crew Defending a Fleche at Borodino as Saxon Cavalry Charges - Click to Enlarge
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NAP0172 Russian 12lb Heavy Field Piece
Price: $59.95
NAP0172 Russian 12lb Heavy Field Piece
60mm Russian 12lb Heavy Field Piece - Borodino 1812
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