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So, what is FL-ickstarter you ask?  FL-ickstarter is basically a First Legion based Kickstarter where we will make previously retired/sold out figures that are still in demand available for order and if enough demand is met we will produce the figures specifically to fill the orders that have been placed.   A neat idea for sure, but here is how it works as well as the basic groundrules:

We will select a small number of sets for each FL-ickstarter "campaign."   Usually this will be no more than just a few sets and all sets will be produced and delivered to customers at the same time.   Because of this, we need to keep it reasonably small so that it doesn't dominate our production.   If there is a set you want that isn't listed, that doesn't mean we won't offer it in a future FL-ickstarter campaign, only that it isn't in this campaign.    Really, it's pretty self-explanatory, however, here are the groundrules and if you want to participate we respectfully ask that you follow.

1. Items will be made available for order for a period of 30 days.   If you want it, order it within this 30 day window.   After those 30 days, which is really plenty of time, we will remove the item from the FL-ickstarter campaign catalog.
2. Do not combine an order for a FL-ickstarter figure with any other figure EXCEPT other FL-ickstarter figures in the SAME campaign.  We can't stress this enough, keep them separate from any other order.   If when the figure(s) is ready to ship you have another open order with us, we will combine as necessary at that time.  
3. Do not check out using Paypal.   We don't want to take payment until such time as we know if we will be producing a given figure.   Place the order with a Credit Card, which we will not charge at the time of order placement.  If you really want to pay using Paypal, please select "Money Order" during check out as the payment method and in the date field enter your Paypal email address if different than the email address which you used to place the order. 
4. We will process payment for the orders as soon as the Campaign period ends.   Items will be delivered 3-4 months later.   All sales are absolutely 100% final.  No returns, no credits, no refunds.   
5. Please understand that the actual figure you receive may differ from the image shown.  The image shown is typically of a figure produced many years ago.  The figure you receive will be at least as good as the photo, very likely better. 
6. You may order the figure directly from us or from your dealer of choice.  BUT, please note, that your dealer MUST order the figure from us during the Campaign Order Window.
7. By placing an order for a FL-ickstarter figure, you are agreeing to the terms above. 

In the most respectful way possible, we ask you to extend us the following courtesies:
1. You are free to email us at with suggestions for FL-ickstarter figures.   However, please note that you will not receive a response to the email.   Your request will be noted however.   
2. Please refrain from asking us during the campaign period if the target production numbers have been met or what the target production numbers are.   You can check back on the page and once the target for a certain set is met, we will note it for all to see.  Emails with these types of questions will not be returned.  

And just for fun, what would a FL-ickstarter be without a "Stretch" goal!?   So, in order to keep it a bit fun, if all figures meet their production targets in a campaign, we will give away a figure of OUR choosing to each person who orders at least 2 sets of the campaign.  In the case of dealers, we will give away 1 figure for each full set of figures from the Campaign (essentially a number of bonus figures = the lowest quantity figure of the campaign that they have ordered assuming that they have ordered all sets in a campaign).   Limit one per customer regardless of how many sets you ordered, we choose the figure with no substitutions even if you have the figure already, and if it's arrives with any damage, we won't reaplace or take return of the free bonus figure.  After all, it's free. :-)   Really, it's just a nice extra to keep it fun.  

So with these simple and hopefully self-explanatory guidelines in place, we now to proceed to our first FL-ickstarter campaign! 
Ships Early September

August 23rd 2017 Update

Please note that due to some cancellations, there is a limited amount of additional stock available which can be ordered while supplies last.  So the catalog for these has been enabled again.
We will revisit our policy on the FL-ickstarter moving forward and if we will continue it moving forward.  

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